Congratulations Robotics!

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:00am

On April 24th, our students, parents, and mentors departed Glenelg, MD led by the Howard County Fire Department with sirens and flashing lights, and cheered on by the girl’s athletic teams, parents, and families.  With practically no downtime, the team competed on Thursday and Friday and won 7 of 10 qualification matches.  Our performance was good enough for us to be selected into the 4th ranked alliance in our division, which meant we were able to compete in the playoffs!  We were unfortunately eliminated in our first round of quarterfinals.  However, to make it this far was QUITE an accomplishment, and the students represented our school well.  The students barely had more than 6 hours of sleep each night but managed to perform well in what makes our team so amazing.  Robotics is so much more than building and coding a robot.  We had a whole crew of people that scouted other teams during matches, talked to other teams and built relationships in their pits, learned about new technologies that can make our team better, attended an innovation fair where major corporations were looking to inspire and recruit young STEM students, help other teams fix their robot when there were mechanical failures, and so much more.

The Robotics team at Glenelg is involved with much more than the 4 month competition season.  We have outreach events throughout the entire year (all 12 months), we build business, technology, leadership, and public speaking skills, and we’ve started two robotics teams at Lisbon Elementary already with plans of expanding to other feeder schools.

The team has had a fantastic year, and every single student deserves a huge congratulations.